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Saturday December 8th, 2018

Perry Post Holiday Dinner 

The Perry Post gathered for a fun, enjoyable afternoon before the pace of the Holidays got too hectic. We had a good selection of appetizers, and a very broad selection of catered hot food followed by lots of cake and cookies. No one went hungry as our Legion Family took time out to relax together and strengthen our bonds of friendship. We all have worked very hard over the 2018 calendar year to fulfull our mission to supporting veterans and our local community. Every now and then it becomes necessary to take time out to just relax with each other.

The event was great, there was an abundance of food, and there were plenty of smiles and laughs to go around. Hopefully we'll have a chance to do it again next year, and if you didn't make it in 2018 come join us in 2019.

And I would be remiss if I didn't point out that once again the event was a success thanks to a huge amount of help from 1st Vice Commander Whitey Aamodt, his girlfriend Allison Allen, and Legion Auxiliary President Kathy Mart.  All three of them worked tirelessly to help set up, keep things moving, and clean up afterwards. Many other members of the Perry Post Auxiliary were also a big help from beginning to end.


Sunday February 11th, 2018

Perry Post Chili Cook-off 

For those of you who couldn’t make it, the Perry Post held a fun chili cook-off on Sunday February 11th.  An idea proposed by both 1st Vice Commander Whitey Aamodt and Buildings & Grounds Chair Al Kanze, this event allowed our Perry Post American Legion Family to gather for food, fun and friends.  Whitey Aamodt did a great job chairing the event, complete with chili pepper tablecloths, and it wasn’t long before participants had morphed the Bud Light “dilly dilly” line into “chili chili”.

We had five contestants compete for best chili, with scoring based on criteria such as aroma, flavor, thickness, hotness and aftertaste.  The scores were close but Frank Letizia, Sergeant-at-Arms for the Perry Post, walked away with the bragging rights and $50 prize money.  Congratulations go to all the contestants who made excellent chili that warmed our mouths and filled our stomachs. The contestants were Whitey Aamodt, Al Kanze, Frank Letizia, Martha Scheutz and Kathy Mart.

We kicked off the event socializing over drinks while snacking on appetizers that included pretzels, chips, crab dip and cheese & crackers. In addition to crockpots of chili we then filled our plates with rice, mac-n-cheese, corn soufflé, salad, pickles, coleslaw and Italian bread.  Even that wasn’t enough because we then topped it off with dessert that included homemade goodies such as lemon squares, brownies and cookies.


Sunday February 4th, 2018

Four Chaplains Memorial Service 

On Feb. 4th our Perry Post held a Four Chaplains Memorial Service at the Tappan Reformed Church. The Four Chaplains Service provides an important reminder of courage and selfless sacrifice.  The Perry Post was proud to be asked by the Rockland County American Legion to conduct this memorial service, and to continue a legacy of reminding our country and our youth of the interfaith lesson the Four Chaplains taught us. 

Several times over the recent years Pastor Hoover and the Tappan Reformed Church parishioners have opened their doors, warmly welcomed us, and graciously hosted this special service. Besides the Perry Post Legionnaires who attended the service there were several members who stepped up and participated in the service.  Thanks goes to Whitey Amodt, Murry Cohen and Bill Leach who read biographies, Bart Foley who was both Chaplain and a reader, and Bob Seaman and his entire family for making arrangements with the church and then hosting the reception afterwards. Kylie Seaman, Bob’s daughter, sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. The service was well attended and many have expressed to the post their praise for how well it went.


Saturday January 13th, 2018

Montrose VA Hospital Visit

Our Perry Post visited the Montrose Veterans Hospital on January 13th.  We had the pleasure of spending several hours with 25 U.S. veterans who are being treated for PTSD. Our American Legion Post provided a luncheon that included sandwich platters, dessert and beverages. We provided a Magician who spent an hour amazing the vets with tricks they couldn’t figure out, and giving them lots of laughs and smiles.  And then at the end we presented each of the veterans with two gift bags that included generous donations from our Legion Family and local Rockland County community.

These veterans have sacrificed so much for this great country of ours. I wish you could have been with us as we handed out those gift bags. It would have warmed your hearts to see the faces of these veterans light up as they looked in the bags and realized the love and care that others have shown by giving them the much needed donations. 

In summary, 25 veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country, and are still struggling with the price they have paid, had their arms and stomachs filled, but most importantly had their day made by our visit and your generous donations. You and your students made it very clear that others care about them, have not forgotten them, and that we very much appreciate their sacrifice for this great country of ours!